About the project CITADELA 16

We present you the unique project Citadela 16, future modern living for comfortable family life. 16 generously designed urban villas are located in closed premises with a central entrance. All that is surrounded by a calm neighborhood Prague 4- Libuš- full of urban green spaces

Villas take pride in their greatness, spaciousness and adaptability for versatile use. Two types of houses are available; one with usable floor area over 300 square meters and the other, even bigger, consists of an area over 400 square meters.

Luxurious family villas are designed in two basic types that consist of three floors and have similar layouts. Large-format windows on the sunken ground floor will secure that you get more than the necessary daily dose of sunlight and fresh air each day of the year. And in summer, you will be able to enjoy the sunrays beautifully brightening up the interior. This is one of the main advantages of this project- this layout invites you to make your dreams come true and build your own wellness with a swimming pool, gym, game room, home cinema or even one- room apartment in this part of the villa. On the top of that, the sunken ground floor is accessible from the garage. Each villa has two to three parking spots at their disposal, which can be closed by a sectional garage gate.

Whirlpool and fitness option
Cinema option
One-room apartment option

The main residential area is located on the ground floor. It consists of a generously spacious living room and a kitchen with access to the terrace facing the front garden. There is also a study room, which can alternatively be used as a guest room with its own bathroom. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms each with its own bathroom.

Large sunny terraces are located on the rooftops of the villas. There, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the surroundings together with your closed ones. Safe space and privacy is a matter of course for your whole family.


Q2/2021Sale initiation
počátek Q2 2022Final inspection
2-3Q 2022Moving

Word from the architect

The artistic-architectural concept of family villas works with many motives and confronts the current environment of this part of the city with the ideal. It is reminiscent of what LeCorbusier described in his famous statement as "a magnificent play of volumes concentrated under the sun" (For New Architecture, 1923).

Sunlit volumes represent two rows of clearly shaped and rhythmically divided houses oriented towards a common space. A lapidary form with well-executed detail is a way to resist the effects of time with dignity. As well as how home use meets the ideas and needs of the people who live in it.

Our project wants to enable an urban way of life, movement in a common space, creation of a community, meetings, but at the same time it provides everyone with enough privacy and space to fulfill their own ideas about privacy. All villas have a common emphasis on high- quality and timeless materials, as they have proven themselves throughout the history in different times, cultures and in many buildings. The beauty of classical travertine comes to life on the facades. The ancient Romans considered travertine "their" stone and therefore they used it to build the famous Colosseum. In the interiors, emphasis is placed on the contrast of wooden floors and white walls and ceilings. At the same time, the space for fulfilling the individual wishes of future owners remains large.

To start with, I must say that taking the opportunity to write about myself is not something I do with a zest. Not so much because of the cliche that actions speak louder than words and therefore my work speaks for itself but rather because it is very complicated to comprehensively formulate in a couple sentences why is my beautiful profession so indispensable for me. Every architect goes through certain stages of development during their professional career, in which they cultivate their taste and sort out the important things from the less important ones. Because if you do not build your houses according to what you find really essential, then it can easily happen that you run and fly over to the patterns that are currently in fashion. I find the properties of materials and constructions important. For me it matters if they can preserve their quality despite the time and rough or ordinary handling and if they are able to age with dignity. Materials, constructions and spaces - internal and external - with physical, material and tangible beauty. It will make me happy if you are able to find any of these in our project.

Ing.arch. Petr Marušiak