Project environment

Nová Libuš district

Detailed planning of extensive changes in the Prague-Libuš district was set in motion by the announced construction of subway line D. The change in the zoning plan was finally approved by the Prague representatives, who came to conclusion that the construction would benefit the public. The extension of the tram line from Modřany is also closely related to subway line D. Both constructions will play a key role in the development of the Libuš district in the coming years.

There is now a desperate lack of a centre or other public space for rest and relaxation. But that will soon change. The winning architectural design envisages the creation of various shops, services, restaurants and office buildings combined with apartment buildings. There will also be a new square, a city park, and the adjacent Novodvorská Street, which is usually very busy, will be turned into a city boulevard thanks to the new development. Subway line D and new tram stops in this part will also ease traffic and Libuš has the potential to become a quiet, yet cultural place to live.

The proposed public space, which is intended as the main square, will be adapted for various markets and other social outdoor events. The whole space should be supplemented with benches or bike stands and there will be plenty of trees to provide shade during sunny days.

The centre of relaxation, the city park, will be built in close proximity to the Citadela 16 development project and it will have, in addition to sports and recreational functions, also educational potential. The inspiration for its design was the breeding of geese, with which Libuš has been historically associated, according to legend, the geese were even bred by Princess Libuše herself. However, the geese will not only reflect on the appearance of the park, for example, the thematic name "Na Husárně" is being discussed and information signs are planned to inform park visitors about the history of the city district, goose breeding in Libuš or the geese themselves.

However, the park is not the only place where there will be greenery in the newly emerging Libuš. It is also planned to plant trees and shrubs in the intended main square, and there will be green blocks, which according to the elaborated design will be opening towards the park. These are going to serve as semi-public spaces for the locals and their community life, the so-called neighbourhood plots.

In this locality, within a few years, there will be practically everything you need, and it is assumed that the Libuš district will become one of the most popular places to live in Prague.

Map of the surroundings