Dům B6

Total area

463,2 m2

Garage/Parking area

58,2 m2

Floor area*

405,0 m2

Usable floor area

379,8 m2

Accessible terrace floor

117,4 m2


359,0 m2

Number of parking spots

3 x


** according to the Czech Government Decree No. 366 of 2013, Article 3, including the built-up area and the land that is to become part of the land plot No. 874/7. The data given here bear the character of purely preliminary information. Any images of furnishing items in the drawings are only illustrative and will not be part of the housing unit, except such items that constitute its integral equipment.

Sunken ground floor135,1 m2
B1Utility room18,8 m2
B2Entryway4,9 m2
B3Hallway10,1 m2
B4Storeroom5,0 m2
B5Versatile space96,3 m2
Staircase0,0 m2
Other areas58,2 m2
B7Garage58,2 m2
Ground floor122,8 m2
B8aguest room/ study room22,7 m2
B8bBathroom3,5 m2
B9Living room including a kitchen corner70,6 m2
B10Entryway5,0 m2
B11Bathroom4,5 m2
B12Hallway12,0 m2
Staircase4,5 m2
Other areas28,5 m2
Accessible terrace28,5 m2
First floor114,3 m2
B13main bedroom18,5 m2
B14walk- in closet10,1 m2
B15main Bathroom10,7 m2
B16Hallway10,3 m2
B17walk- in closet4,8 m2
B18kids bedroom18,4 m2
B19kids bedroom19,6 m2
B20Bathroom5,1 m2
B21Bathroom5,1 m2
B22Hallway11,7 m2
Staircase0,0 m2
Second floor
B23Terrace entry7,6 m2
Accessible terrace84,0 m2
Terrace outdoor shower4,9 m2
terrace pebble stone (kačírek)27,5 m2
Staircase0,0 m2